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Athena Alexander never thought her savior would come in the form of a traveling circus. Of course, it is no ordinary traveling circus. Roadside Paradise does not only travel the carnival circuit--they also perform privately for anyone with enough money. They have earned a reputation among the rich and powerful as the best circus in history. As Athena begins traveling with them, she starts to realize that the owner, V, has powers that she could never begin to imagine.

Nina Batten is running--she knows that if she does not get away from her home country fast, she will be forced to marry. However, after stowing away on a ship and ending up in an unexpected country, she steals a horse to escape danger only to find herself in more danger. A chance encounter with a mysterious man named Raduk, a citizen of the enemy country of Abarae, leads her on a journey through the desert and into a life she never could have expected.

Written as Kyra Anderson

Written as Kyra Anderson

Non-citizen Kailynn Evada is forced to risk imprisonment and death to save her brother's life after a plot to destroy the A.I. system ruling over the planet Tiao falls apart. With falsified citizenship, Kailynn finds work as a Significant--someone paid to act as a friend to lonely clients. She never expected one of her clients to be the most powerful person in the planetary system--Elite Isa, leader of the Elite Syndicate of Tiao. Moreso, Kailynn did not expect to fall for the Elite.

The Significant Expanded Story

Written as Kyra Anderson

America is peaceful and back at the top of the world seventy years after the Second Revolutionary War tore through the country and gave birth to Central--the new government. For Lily Sandover the Second Revolution is just another war to learn about in school, until her political father gets promoted into Central and she is taught that everything is not as it appears. The peace the people of America know comes at a high price, and the appointed Leader of America is just another puppet for a far more powerful man in the shadows.

The six-book series Dimension Guardian follows Dalton Teban and his colleagues through the toughest mission they have ever had as Guardians of the Dimension Protection Council. Even though the five Guardians are considered the best, the enemy they encounter is far more powerful than anyone the Guardians have faced before, and the mission they are given is not new, but a problem that has roots hundreds of years ago.

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