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Yes, the website has been rebuilt yet again.


Don't see a difference? The original build had a lot of bugs that made it really difficult to edit, even if nothing appeared wrong with the live website. Therefore, once again, the website has been rebuilt.


You may notice that some pages are missing from the top and there is a strange little link at the end of the menu. Click on "Amiville Comic" to see what that's all about.


If you are looking for the Newsletter Archive, you can find those on the Contact page. Newsletters dating back 1 year are available on that page.


The written works page has been redesigned and will be much easier to edit from now on as more titles are released. Other small changes have been made to the individual book pages which will hopefully allow for easier navigation.


If you find any bugs, go ahead and tweet @kjamidon or send an email if there is a link broken or any other problems with the website (there is an email form on the Contact page).


Get ready for a new release soon. There is one scheduled in just a few weeks. Check back soon for more information!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Website Rebuild...Again.

Book 3 of the Roadside Paradise Series is now available! Follow the link to get your copy today!!

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Roadside Paradise - Book 3


With the summer circuit over, it is time for the Roadside Paradise troupe to go to Tarquin, V’s protected compound in the middle of the desert. Tarquin provides safety for the troupe, but Athena finds no rest there. She is soon confronted with V’s older brothers and their electric energy as the family of deities decides whether or not to investigate the horrors of her past.


The In DeRidder, Louisiana Athena will be forced to confront the violence in her past as V tries to locate her kidnapped sister and those who murdered her family. But there is much more in the small town than they could have anticipated—V is not the only powerful non-human there.


They soon discover that Katrina was not the only the only target in the Alexander family. Cover-ups and unexplainable events have plagued DeRidder, and it is up to Athena and V to determine what Donovan’s intentions are with Athena and her abducted sister.


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