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K.J. Amidon is a born and raised Northern Nevadan with a passion for languages, horses, art, and writing. Challenging herself with each new project, K.J. is devoted to developing stories in such detail that her readers will live the journey. She has a penchant for creating stories that will engulf you and never let go. K.J. is also no stranger to pushing boundaries. Her novel, Inside (written as Kyra Anderson) shows just how fearless she can be with her writing and just how far she'll take readers.


K.J. is also a seasoned traveler and has lived abroad in both France and Japan. She is always ready for the next adventure, whether it is to another country or into a new genre for her writing.


K.J. currently has sixteen titles available: The Dimension Guardian Series, Inside (Parts 1-3), The Significant & The Significant Expanded Story, The Faith Series (ongoing), and the Roadside Paradise Series (ongoing).


To learn more about these novels, visit the Written Works page.


**K.J. also writes under the name Kyra Anderson


Photos from K.J.'s Travels

K.J. is currently in the process of planning a series of travel writings done on her various adventures. Check back for more pictures and more writing!

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